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Top Benefits of SEO



Have you heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Then you have surely been experience it unaware. But let’s further consider the benefits it could have on your business. We have compiled 8 top benefits for why you will want to have solid SEO with your brand. They are as follows:

1. SEO Has Better UX 

There are lots of ways you can improve your website and make the user experience (UX) better. Including giving your audience good information, relevant photos or videos to support, and easy to navigate websites or a mobile-friendly appearance. All this give s a better user experience resulting in more clicks, leads, and better brand recognition and higher conversion rates.

2. SEO Is the Best Source of Leads 

SEO strategies are the best source of leads for business-to-business companies, as well as business-to-customers. Non-profits are also realizing success directly related to search engine optimization. This also would include content marketing, referrals, and social media marketing as well as other tactics. If you aren’t seeing any leads from your SEO, then you need to revisit your strategy. Another player might be taking the business away.

3. SEO Encourages Local Users to Visit Your Store

After conducting a local search, customers normally want to visit the brick and mortar store to shop. Think of it this way, if a user searches, “best used furniture store in Michigan,” then the results will return a variety of stores. Thus, the user will scroll through the options, likely visiting many of them in person. It has been shown that the vast majority of people conduct their research online before shopping in-person.

4. SEO Helps Establish Brand Credibility

Ranking as number 1, 2, or 3 shoes your customers that you are a serious player in your industry and that if you are popular with Google, then you are with everyone else too. If you are at the bottom, then potential customers may question your product and accompanying service. Good SEO really helps you get on good terms with those you want as your customers.

5. SEO Gives You Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is just about how recognizable your brand is across the market. What are the odds that someone who looks at your logo or hears your brand name will recognize the image that you are trying to project?

Search engine optimization will ensure that your product is found easily on search engines by ranking your site organically for many keywords. When you are at the top, then more users will see your brand more and it will become familiar. This leads to your site being clicked on more. The more people that are on your site, the more time you have to establish a positive image in their minds.

6. SEO is a Long-Term Marketing Tactic

6 months is generally the minimum amount of time for your site to reach the best ranking. While your site is coming down the ranks (or up depending on how you see it), then you will constantly be exposing your brand to more and more people. Which will help you increase clicks and make the necessary changes to your company as you are watching how your market is reacting toward it.

7. SEO Improves Your Website Speed 

The speed of your website has a huge effect on your ranking. Studies have suggested that a delay as short as 2 seconds can cost you approximately 4.3% of a sale. Speed is what your customers want, and SEO will ensure that you will get it.

8. SEO Helps You Surpass Your Competitors 

Your business will grow as you implement more digital marketing tactics to your plan. These include SEO. Everything else thereafter will help you to surpass your competition, because your business will be in the best environment to grow.

Imagine, for a moment, if you were ranking organically how far you will leave your competition in the dust when you know that they are putting all their eggs in one basket with traditional marketing? If you hire someone who is experienced and is on top of the changes in the tech world, then you can rest assured that your business will remain competitive for years to come.

Closing thoughts 

The opportunity for your brand is endless when it comes to brand awareness. Digital marketing has allowed us to reach a larger audience faster than ever before. SEO will help you level the playing field and help you pass your competitors in your collective race to number 1. Make sure to do your research and hire someone who has experience that can help your business rise.

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