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A relevant Wikipedia backlink helps build a metric Google has called trust rank. Once a site has built up its trust rank, it allows for your site to rank without risk of Google slowing you down due to unusual link activity.

For example, is listed all across Wikipedia as a reference. Sure, many of us may know that name and already consider it an authority; but Google’s algorithm is a computer and only came to recognize WebMD as the authority it is today via authoritative links. The only way a computer comes to recognize such a thing is by seeing that a site like Web MD is referenced from hard to manipulate sites such as Wikipedia.

There is a common misconception that ‘anyone’ can edit pages on Wikipedia. Although this is true on the most basic level, the fact is that one of the way people get points on Wiki is via removing content others put that’s deemed ‘spam worthy’. Which is essentially links made for commercial reasons.

Well, the reason our links remain and editors normally leave them untouched is because we create our clients inner pages which are are relevant, have references from our partners at highly authoritative sites, and contain new information missing from the wiki page. Essentially giving Wikipedia exactly what it’s looking for. It is white hat linking at its finest.


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"Shout out to Douglas Swift, I purchased two wikipedia links for my site and two weeks later I moved a few positions up from page 2 to page 1. The result is nearly double the subscribers coming in daily. These work."

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Money Site Google Chrome Extension

Leverage the power and authority of Google by getting a no-follow link direct from Google itself by creating a functioning extension.
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"Got me a stanky fresh DA 92 link last week. Process was simple and quick on my side, you can even get some keyword relevance tucked in there. Certainly a link that none of my competitors will ever be able to get. Thanks Doug!"

High Authority Link
"Just got my first direct link from Wikipedia to my site. Douglas Swift and his team have been very active working on getting the link stick on Wikipedia. We had a few challenges on first attempt and he never give up to continue working on the solution. Highly recommended and hope my link will stick for long. Feel excited to see if there is any positive impact from this wikipedia link."
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