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Getting your content in front of the eyes of people already visiting sites relevant to your products is no easy task. What if we told you there was an easy way you could get your content published across sites with built-in organic traffic and reach potential new customers across the country? Well we have news for ya! There is, and you’ve found it. TPS White Label content syndicator for agencies and DIY SEO geeks. Guaranteed Distribution & Placement on 100+ News Sites including NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS & More

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Content syndication is when a third-party site republishes original content that appeared elsewhere, such as your company’s blog. They might syndicate pieces of content in their entirety, edit articles down to a shorter piece, or just publish a selected excerpt – the exact details can vary from one publication to another. 

If you’re not already syndicating your content in one form or another, you really should start. The online world is a giant cluttered space, so it isn’t reasonable to think that you can limit the distribution of your content solely to only your own blog. It’s always a good idea to get your blog posts in front of a different audience other than yours, who would otherwise not even know it exists.

Also called republishing, content syndication involves permitting other websites to republish your content to help you reach a new audience outside of your circle of followers. By syndicating your content, you’re gaining a whole new set of audience to whom you can market your brand.

If you’ve been publishing web content for any length of time, you probably know that problems can occur when you publish duplicate content. Generally, search engine algorithms will determine which copy of the content is most relevant to user search intent and will only index one instance.

We will get around this challenge by telling the search engine where the content originally came from, so that the original publication gets indexed and receives all of the SEO benefits.

The most common way to ensure your syndicated content remains SEO-friendly is to implement the rel=canonical tag on your site. Essentially, this tag tells the search engine that there are multiple versions of the page and only the original should be indexed. The rest will remain accessible to users, but you won’t take a hit from the Google Spider. Adding a meta no-index tag to a page serves a similar function.

Content distribution and syndication have been used by Fortune 500 companies for many years now. The average business owner can find it hard to grasp the idea of it. 

Now, with our Content Syndication, you have access to the same strategies as many major publishers.

Not only will we get your content in front of a whole new audience, but you can also use your new published content as social proof.

You’ll be featured on many of the major publications across the US.

If you need high-quality content created we have you covered as well. Visit our content creation page to learn more.


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