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Online Business Consultanting

While everyone of our clients are treated on an individual basis with some strategies effective some while unnecessary for others, we do understand that for the best results for some this entails the majority of (if not all) everything we have to offer.

For these clients we not only enable them to quickly scale their online revenue streams VIA Pay Per Click, Social Media Management & Ads, Retargeting and Search Engine Optimization; rather we essentially the groundwork and managing their entire online infrastructure to set them up for success for years to come!

Whether it’s starting everything from scratch by stetting up hosting, emails and even putting together your website from A-Z, we act as your personal online business consultants with local, US based, dedicated account specialists available at at all times during the normal work week.

Get at least a 20% reduction for agreements of 6 months or longer!

From web development & ad creation to sitting down and learning all there is to know about your business- including the research and development of online business models developed specifically to get you ahead your competitors—- TPS will be with you every step of the way!

We’ve already helped almost a hundred companies create, grow and sustain successful online businesses models in our home city of Dallas, TX alone and we can do it for you too! With clients stretching anywhere from Florida to Toronto, Sweden to Monaco- our client base only continuing to grow across the globe and you can be sure we can set you up for success in whatever market your in and wherever you’d like to enter!

While many of our clients choose to get our services a la carte, most who begin down this route soon find themselves using the majority of our services as they continue expanding eventually anyway. They realize they might as well move into our PPC program (Not to be confused with Pay-Per Click! But our Platinum Preferred Consultant Program) and get everything they’ll be needing included for one flat discounted rate.

Each clients needs differ of course, but our PPC program can include anything offered throughout the entire site including those hefty one-time web development fees!

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